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IOF Injures Child and Arrests him East of Jabaliya


At approximately 12:00 am on Friday, 26 December 2014, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) opened fire at two Palestinian children who approached the borders northeast of the Islamic cemetery east of Jabaliya in North Gaza district.
As a result Omar Maher Jamil Al Hamlawi, 15, was injured.
The IOF arrested him and took him to an unknown place.
The father of the child stated that his two sons went to their uncles, house in Ezbet Abed Rabo in Jabaliya.
The father later knew that the children went to the cemetery and the eastern areas and got shot near the border fence, one of them was arrested and the other ran away.
At approximately 10:30 am on Saturday, 27 December 2014, the father received a call from someone who identified himself as doctor Yaqoub and he works at Barzilai Israeli hospital.
The doctor informed the father that his son is receiving treatment at the hospital and that he sustained a bullet wound in his right knee.
He underwent a surgery but his condition is good.
The father received another call on Saturday evening from a child's doctor named Ashraf and asked for some information about the child.
Lawyers of Al Mezan center is following up his case.

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