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IOF Arrests Two Palestinians East of Al Bureij Refugee Camp


At approximately 2:00 pm on Saturday, 6 December 2014, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested Ibrahim Mahmoud Sulaiman Al Awawda, 20, and Jehad Musbah Salim Al Swarka, 18, residents of Al Buriej refugee camp while they trying to sneak across the borders.
In his affidavit to Al Mezan, Al Sawarka’s father said while Jehad was guarding his flock of sheep, about 400 meters away from the separation fence, he went with his friend to the borders, so the IOF arrested them.
At approximately 9:00 pm on the same day the father received a phone call from unknown number claiming that he’s from Ofkem police and told him that Jehad is arrested and will be subject to trial on Sunday morning 7 December 2014.
Awawda’s family received the same phone call.

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