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In its objective to enhance knowledge on fundamental human rights, Al Mezan conducts a lecture for members of school parliament


The Training and Mass Communication Unit at Al Mezan Center for Human Rights conducted a lecture for members of a school parliament at Ezbat Beit Hanoun School, in an attempt to spread and reinforce notions of fundamental human rights in Palestinian society.
The lecture was conducted at 10.
30am on April 19th in Ezbat Beit Hanoun School for male students by Mr.
Hussein Hammad, and focused on the importance of a school parliament, its duties, and international legislation for human rights.
In addition, the lecture explained different types and objectives of human rights and of children’s rights.
It is worth noting that 27 members of the school parliament participated in the meeting which was conducted in the school library; the headmaster and a number of teachers also attended the meeting.

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