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Al Mezan organizes a workshop on seizure and transgression on governmental properties in the southern Gaza Strip


On April 27th, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights organized a workshop in Rafah under the title "seizure and transgression on government properties.
unitl when?" Al Mezan exposed the escalating operations of the taking over of governmental properties in Khan Younis and Rafah and ways by which these can be stopped.
A number of experts and officials attended the workshop, among them the Governor of Khan Younis Dr.
Osama Al Farra, the Director of the Land Authority Mr.
Sabri Salama, and PLC members Said Abu Msameh, Majed Abu Shammala and Younis Al Atlas.
In addition there were security officials and Mr.
Jamil Sarhan, coordinator of the Legal Aid Unit at Al Mezan Center for Human Rights.
The workshop is the latest in a string of activities to halt the state of insecurity and impose the rule of law.

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