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Al Mezan Calls for Accountability for War Crimes and an End to Israel's Occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territory
Death Toll Rises to 2,168: 521 Children and 297 Women Since 7 July 2014

27-08-2014 00:00

12PM Local Time - Gaza City Press Release At 7:00 pm on Tuesday, 26 August 2014, the Israeli assault on Gaza codenamed Operation Protection Edge came to an end.
The Israeli offensive, which targeted civilians and civilian infrastructure, killed thousands of people and caused enormous destruction throughout Gaza.
The Israeli forces destroyed houses over the heads of residents, killing hundreds of people in their homes, and systematically demolishing apartments and high-rise buildings throughout Gaza in a manner unprecedented and in blatant violation of the rules of International Humanitarian Law (IHL).
The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) targeted factories, shopping malls, business centers, government buildings and property, livestock farms, and agricultural lands in a systematic and widespread manner.
Resulting in disastrous conditions for the people of Gaza and critically affecting those displaced and seeking shelter in UN-run schools, Israeli forces targeted and damaged electricity networks, electricity lines and water supply networks.
The inhumane living conditions will persist for months to come in light of the destruction of thousands of apartments and residential units coupled with the lack of shelter alternatives for internationally displaced people (IDP).
Al Mezan stresses that any delays in reconstruction or restrictions on the flow of humanitarian aid and supplies would further exacerbate the already desperate living conditions for Palestinians in general, for IDPs, and critically, for the vulnerable populations of the IDPs, including the children, elderly, sick, injured, the people with disabilities, and women, who are already living in degrading conditions.
Al Mezan’s verification of information confirms that as of 12 pm today, Monday, 25 August 2014, at least 2,168 Palestinians have been killed by the IOF since 7 July 2014.
Of those killed are 521 children and 297 women.
It should be noted that the number of children has increased since yesterday following the verification of the dates of birth of a group of teenagers who are confirmed as younger than 18.
These figures also include seven casualties who were buried without being identified in Rafah.
According to Al Mezan's investigations 1,666 (i.
8%) of the victims are civilian.
At least 999 people, including 329 children and 212 women, were killed inside their houses and two people with disability were killed in an attack on a rehabilitation center.
Another 233 people were killed in the vicinity of their houses; many of these people were fleeing their homes as a result of IOF attacks.
Moreover, at least 10,918 people were injured during the same period according to the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, including 3,312 children and 2,120 women.
At least 10,920 houses were damaged or destroyed during this period, of which 2,853 were completely destroyed.
Of the total number of damaged houses, 1,064 were directly and deliberately attacked by the Israeli forces.
As of today, IOF attacks have damaged or destroyed 98 schools, 161 mosques, 8 hospitals - 6 of which are out of service - 46 NGO offices, 50 fishing boats, and 244 vehicles.
North Gaza Israeli warplanes launched fifteen airstrikes in northern Gaza targeting open lands and two residential houses, which were completely destroyed.
The airstrikes resulted in the injury of twenty-five Palestinians, including six children and four women.
Thirty houses, two schools, two mosques, a water treatment plant, and a health center sustained damages in the attacks.
At approximately 1:45 pm on Tuesday, 26 August 2014, an Israeli unmanned aerial drone fired one missile at a car belonging to the Electricity Distribution Company in Beit Lahiya, North Gaza.
Two workers from the company were killed instantly.
They have been identified as Mohammed Thaher, 49, and Tamer Hamad, 24.
Three passers-by were injured and have been identified as Marwan Ahmad, 27; Ahmad Al Shenbari, 21, and a child, Mohammed Sulaiman, 8.
The car was clearly marked and was carrying a flag indicating that it belonged to the Electricity Distribution Company.
At approximately 6:10 pm on Tuesday, 26 August 2014, an Israeli unmanned aerial drone fired one missile at a group of people on Al Qarman Street in Beit Hanoun, North Gaza.
One person - Mohammed Majdi Al Zaanin, 24, was killed instantly, and two others were injured.
Their injuries were described as moderate.
At approximately 6:20 pm on Tuesday, 26 August 2014, an Israeli unmanned aerial drone fired one missile at Building 67 in the Al Sheikh Zayed housing project in Beit Lahiya, North Gaza.
Israeli warplanes then proceeded to bomb the building.
The five-story building - home to twelve families - was completely destroyed in the attack.
No injuries were reported; however, twenty residential apartments were partially destroyed.
CityGaza At approximately 1:40 pm on Tuesday, 26 August 2014, an Israel warplane fired one missile at two people driving a motorcycle in the Al Shaaf area, in Al Tuffah, east of Gaza City.
The two young men were killed on the spot.
They have been identified as Shadi Suleiman Oleiwa, 24, and Salem Abdul Hamid Mohammadein, 23.
At approximately 9:00 pm on Tuesday, 26 August 2014, medical staff at Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital announced the death of four-year-old, Lama Khader Al Nabeeh, who was injured in an airstrike on her family home on 20 August 2014.
Lame was a resident of Al Shujai’ya.
Middle Area In this reporting period, Israeli warplanes launched six airstrikes, injuring twenty-one people, including six children and seven women.
In the Al Maghazi refugee camp an Israeli warplane fired missiles in the proximity of the Al Nawasra family home, near the Abu Meddein lands, and at another open area in Juhr Al Deek.
At approximately 6:50 pm on Tuesday, 26 August 2014, an Israeli jet fighter fired two missiles, one of which hit a house belonging to Amna Al Nadi.
The owner of the home, age 60, was critically injured and is undergoing surgery at Shuhada Al Aqsa Hospital in Deir Al Balah.
Nineteen others were injured in the attack including Amna Al Nadi’s daughter, Fida Al Nadi, 23, her son Ibrahim, 25, and her daughter-in-law, Yasmeen, 23.
The house - located in Al Nuseirat and home to two families of five people – was completely destroyed.
Some of the people injured in the attack are residents of adjacent houses: Adel Al Suradi, 47, and his son Abdul Qader, 6, were both injured and their home was severely damaged.
The second missile fell in an open area near Amna Al Nadi’s house.
Khan Younis In Khan Younis, Israeli forces launched twelve airstrikes targeting residential buildings and open areas.
As a result of the attacks, three people were killed, including two brothers; one person was moderately injured; one mosque was hit and damaged; and one house that was directly targeted sustained severe damages.
At approximately 2:45 pm on Tuesday, 27 August 2014, Israeli warplanes targeted Anas Bin Malek Mosque in Abbassan Al Jadida, east of Khan Younis.
The mosque sustained moderate damages.
No injuries were reported.
At approximately 4:30 pm on Tuesday, 27 August 2014, an Israeli warplane targeted a house that belongs to Allam Yousef Al Astal.
An eight-person family lived in the house.
Shortly after the house was targeted, an adjacent open area was hit, causing damages to the property and the home.
No injuries were reported.
At approximately 6:40 pm on Tuesday, 27 August 2014, an Israeli warplane targeted a motorcycle on Salah Al Din Street in Al Qarara, in the north of Khan Younis.
Two brothers, Omar Hussam El Breim, 16, and Mohammed Hussam El Breim, 13, were killed instantly.
At nearly the same time, a civilian Hyundai car was hit in the same area.
Yahya Sarsour, 45, was critically injured before he succumbed to his injuries at 8:00 am on Wednesday, 27 August 2014.
His son Yazeed was also injured in the attack.
Rafah Israeli warplanes launched eight airstrikes on Rafah in this reporting period and fired artillery shells along the eastern separation fence between Rafah and Israel.
Several people were targeted, killing three and injuring eight, while residential houses and open lands were also hit; one home was completely destroyed.
At approximately 10:00 am on Tuesday, 26 August 2014, Israeli artillery positioned on the Israeli side of the separation fence along the eastern border fired shells indiscriminately at residents’ houses, and at open areas and farmlands.
The attacks took place mainly in the Al Shawka and Al Nasr areas in the east of Rafah.
At approximately 6:30 am on Tuesday, 26 August 2014, Israeli warplanes fired five missiles at a house belonging to Islamic Jihad leader Nafez Azzam.
The house is located in the Al Barazil area in the south of Rafah City.
Thirty minutes prior to its complete destruction by Israeli warplanes, Israeli unmanned aerial drones targeted the house with two so-called “roof-knocking” or “warning” missiles.
One family, comprised of nine members, lived in the one-story home until it was destroyed.
As a result of the attack seven people were moderately injured, including two children and two women, and several adjacent houses were damaged and destroyed.
At approximately 5:30 pm on Tuesday, 26 August 2014, an Israeli unmanned aerial drone fired one missile at a group of militants on agricultural lands in the Al Juneina area in Rafah.
Four militants were killed on the spot and have been identified as Ahmad Jarbou’, 36; Mohammed Al Reyati, 18, and Yousef Sweilem, 22.
Four others were moderately injured.
Al Mezan condemns the IOF attacks on civilians and civilian targets in the Gaza Strip.
The attacks on the protected population and civilian objects that failed to comply with the laws of war represent grave breaches of IHL and amount to war crimes.
These violations must be credibly and promptly investigated and the perpetrators must be prosecuted.
The international community has an obligation to condemn these violations and make swift and effective interventions to bring them to a halt.
The international community must also support a transparent and effective process to ensure accountability and reparations for the victims of these violations.
Al Mezan condemns Israel's continuous violation of the Palestinian people's inalienable right to self-determination and Israel’s violent, unlawful enforcement of the prolonged occupation of the occupied Palestinian territory.
Ending this decades-long conflict and halting Israel’s serious violations of international law cannot be anticipated without first achieving a just settlement that guarantees the individual and collective rights of the Palestinian people.
Al Mezan deplores the failure of the international community to protect the civilian population and civilian infrastructure in the Gaza Strip over the past 51 days; civilian life has been devastated due to the thousands of Israeli attacks that were counter to the basic principles of IHL.
The international community must provide the civilian population in the Gaza Strip with humanitarian aid and ensure free and timely passage of materials and personnel needed to re-establish the basic needs for human life; the necessities include electricity, water, sanitation, and healthcare.

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