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Al Mezan condemns IOF massacre that killed 7 family members

11-06-2006 00:00

In a recent IOF offensive, 7 family members were killed and 31 injured, among whom 14 were children.
According to Al Mezan’s fieldworkers, a savage massacre was caused by the IOF on June 9th at approximately 4.
40pm, when three missiles were shelled at civilians swimming at Beit Lahia beach in the north-western Gaza Strip, killing five children and their parents.
The surviving family member is: Huda Ali Ghalia, a thirteen-year-old child and the victims are: Ali Ghalia, 49, Raisa Ghalia, 35, Alia Ghalia, 17, Elham Ghalia, 15, Hanadi Ghalia, 2 years old, and Sabrin, 4 years old.
The bombardment resulted in the wounding of 36 citizens who were at the beach, two of whom remain in critical condition.
The IOF acknowledged the crime and claimed it was a mistake, however, this claim was void when TV channels reported that shells were fired from a naval ship located close to Beit Lahia beach, observed by an Israeli soldier.
Moreover, other incidents in the OPT and notably in the Gaza Strip, highlight Israel's organized killing of Palestinian civilians and disregarding the principles of non- discrimination, proportionality and war necessity.
According to Al Mezan field sources, the IOF have killed 433 children since the beginning of the Intifada, some of them killed inside their classes and others inside their homes which emphasizes the IOF's indifference towards civilians.
Further, the IOF decided to decrease the "Security Zone" for firing missiles to 100 meters from Palestinian populated areas which confirms the IOF's intention to target civilians.
In this regard, Al Mezan and five Palestinian and Israeli HR organization appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court which discarded the case, indicating the support of the highest Israeli legal authority for targeting civilians.
Al Mezan confirms that the IOF claim to open an investigation into the crimes at Beit Lahia beach, a claim which is but an attempt to mislead international opinion and the international community, since the investigation will certainly result in the acquittal of perpetrators or of the blame on them.
Al Mezan therefore condemns the IOF offensive on Palestinian civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), and confirm that the IOF have committed flagrant war crimes by targeting unarmed civilians and using excessive force unnecessarily and inappropriately.
Al Mezan urges the international community, most notably the High Contracting Parties to Geneva Convention, to immediately and effectively intervene to put an end to Israeli crimes and provide protection to civilians under the increasing war crimes, Al Mezan believes that the intervention of the international community constitutes a legal and ethical duty and a pressing necessity at a time where the IOF are intensifying their offensive, and taking advantage of the silence of the international community and the backup from the Americans.

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