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Israeli Aircrafts Attack Open Field South of Gaza City; Five People Injured


At approximately 4:30 am on Monday 7 July 2014, an Israeli aircraft fired one missile at an open field near the Islamic compound in As-Sabra neighbourhood south of Gaza City.
As a result, five people were injured including two children and two women.
They live near the attacked place.
Medical sources at Shifa Hospital described their injury between light and moderate.
Al Mezan has identified their names as follows: ·         Ibtisam Abdel Majeed Al Ghurra, 15; ·         Rezqa Abdel Majeed Al Ghurra, 21; ·         Duaa’ Fares Al ‘Ashi, 12; ·         Myasar Rezeq Al Ghurra, 58; and ·         Yumna Fares Al Ghurra, 6.

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