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Al Mezan Condemns Assault on Peaceful Demonstrators and Journalists in Nakba Commemoration and Welcomes Prompt Investigations and Disclosure of Results

18-05-2014 00:00

The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights condemns the assault by Gaza police and security forces on participants in a peaceful gathering, including journalists, in the 66th commemoration of the Nakba.
Al Mezan welcomes the investigations conducted by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) which highlighted some police and security forces having violated the law.
According to a press release for the MoI, the perpetrators were brought to justice.
According to Al Mezan’s field investigations, at approximately 2:00 pm on Thursday, 15 April 2014, a number of police and security forces assaulted participants in a peaceful demonstration commemorating the 66th anniversary of Nakba.
The demonstration was organized by the Intifada Youth Coalition.
Al Mezan condemns the assault on the peaceful demonstration and the use of force to disperse the participants.
Al Mezan welcomes the prompt investigations, disclosure of results, bringing perpetrators to justice including police and security forces, and apology and recognition to journalists and participants.
Al Mezan positively views the prompt investigation and disclosure of results.
Al Mezan asserts that the Gaza government should take effective procedures to protect and respect the right to peaceful assembly and to respect laws and its regulations as a way to protect public and individuals freedom and enhance the rule of law in Palestinian society.

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