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Internal Security Apparatus in Gaza Prevents Activity Pro-President Mahmoud Abbas

16-03-2014 00:00

At approximately 10:40 am on Sunday 16 March 2014, Palestinian police members and the security apparatus force in Gaza prevented an activity pro-president Mahmoud Abbas.
The popular campaign to support the president was supposed to organize its activity at 12:00 pm on Sunday at the Unknown Soldier square in Gaza.
Police members and the security apparatus force dispersed the people who gathered in the square and arrested 7.
Among the participants were Amal Hamad (member of Fatah Revolutionary Council) and a number of Fatah movement members.
In her affidavit to Al Mezan , Amal Hamad stated that Fatah movement informed the security apparatus about the activity and the apparatus prevented the buses which carrying the participants to go to the activity from Sheja’iya and Shatee’ areas.

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