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IOF Arrests Three Palestinians East of Jabaliya

20-02-2014 00:00

At approximately 5:00 pm on Thursday 20 February 2014, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested three Palestinian young men from Jabaliya refugee camp, who approached the separation fence between Gaza Strip and Israel east of Jabaliya in North Gaza district.
Al Mezan identified their names as follows: Yosri Al Ajrami, 19; A’ata Fayyad, 19; and Mohammed Fayyad, 20.
Their families stated that they went out together on Thursday morning, and Fayyad family received a call from the Israeli police telling them that their son is detained at the Israeli side.
According to Al Mezan’d field investigations, the detainees approached the border fence in order to sneak to the territories lands for work.

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