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Sit-in in Al Aqsa University in Gaza


At approximately 9:00 am on Monday 27 January 2014, about 100 students protested in the campus of Al Aqsa University before the administration and the accounting department.
Al Aqsa University is located in Tal Al Hawa neighborhood, west of Gaza city.
The students closed the accounting building, which is responsible for collecting the tuition fees and the financial transactions, in a protest against some decisions from the university administration that the students considered as a violation of their rights.
After 15 minutes from the protest, ten members of the university security guards dispersed the sit-in.
The protesters claimed that the security guards used the force to disperse the sit-in and assaulted the students.
After half an hour from breaking up the sit-in the students gathered again refusing these decisions.
The sit-in still exists when this piece of news was published at 1:30 pm on the same day.

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