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Child Disappears West of Al Nusirat Refugee Camp

30-12-2013 00:00

At approximately 4:30 pm on Monday 30 December 2013, Hadeel Ahmed Hussein As-Souri, 2, was missed while she was playing in her house which is located in Al Hasaina neighborhood, west of An-Nusirat refugee camp.
Her family searched  for her in and around the house but to no avail.
In her affidavit to Al Mezan, Hadeel’s grandmother, Jameela Hussain Abdel Rahman As-Souri, 58, stated that in her two-story house  three of her married sons live there: Mohammed, 30; Imad, 25; and Ahmed, 24.
At approximately 4:30 on Monday 30 December 2013, while her grandsons were playing in the house suddenly they missed Hadeel, they searched  for her in and around the house and they asked the neighbors but they couldn’t find anything.
They reported to the police and an investigation was opened and the police got information from all the family members.
At approximately 4:30 pm on Saturday 4 January 2014, the police summoned her son Imad for investigation and he was released after 4 hours.
They are still searching in markets and  public places, and the municipality staff is searching in gathering water places.
It’s worth mentioning that Hadeel is still missed until the publishing of this piece of news at 2:30 pm on Wednesday 8 January 2014.

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