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Israeli Forces Arrests Palestinian Patient at Erez Crossing


Israeli forces have arrested five Palestinian patients at Erez crossing in 2013 Israeli forces have arrested 16 Palestinians from Gaza at Erez crossing in 2013 Israeli forces exploit need of Palestinians to travel and use crossing as trap Al Mezan condemns recent arrest of patient According to the monitoring and documentation of the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, since the beginning of 2013, Israeli forces have arrested five patients at Erez crossing and 16 Palestinians at Erez in total.
The Israeli forces continue to use the crossing as a trap to arrest Palestinians, exploiting the need to travel.
Israeli forces make use of its tightened closure of the Gaza Strip to humiliate Palestinians, arrest them, or urge them to collaborate.
At approximately 10:15 am on Wednesday, 4 December 2013, Israeli forces arrested Mohammed Saber Abu ‘Amsha, 32, while he was on his way to the West Bank to receive medical treatment at St.
John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem.
According to Al Mezan’s field investigations, Abu ‘Amsha sustained an injury to his left eye while he was doing construction, for which he had a surgery at the Eye Hospital in Gaza.
He was then referred to the Jerusalem hospital.
Al Mezan’s lawyer is following Abu ‘Amsha’s case.
In his affidavit to Al Mezan, Abu ‘Amsha’s brother, Khalil, 52, stated that at approximately 9:00 am on Wednesday he and his brother arrived at Erez crossing as his brother Mohammed was called for interview by the Israeli Security Agency.
Khalil was then summoned for an interview.
He was subjected to a thorough search and was forced to take off his clothes.
He was interrogated about his family, his brother Mohammed, and his neighborhood.
At approximately 1:00 pm, he was then ordered to stay in the waiting room.
He asked about his brother several times.
At approximately 2:40 pm on the same day, the Israeli forces ordered Khalil to go home.
Khail left Erez crossing without his brother who remained detained.
It’s worth noting that after the continuous closure of Rafah crossing and the Egyptian restrictions imposed, Erez crossing has become the only outlet for Palestinian patients in Gaza, whose medicine and treatments are not available in Gaza hospitals.
The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights expresses its forceful condemnation of the detention of Abu ‘Amsha, a medical patient.
Al Mezan sees in this incident a continuation of Israel’s policy of extortion of Palestinian patients and exploitation of their medical concerns; an abuse that makes clear the extent to which Israel exempts itself from its legal commitments under the rules of international humanitarian law (IHL), particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention Al Mezan calls on the international community to promptly intervene to stop the Israeli grave and systematic violations of IHL and human rights principles and ensure access to health care for Palestinian patients.
Al Mezan warns of further deterioration in the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip due to the closure of Gaza by Israeli.
Al Mezan reiterates its previous calls to lift the closure and ensure Israeli respect of international law.

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