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Severe Floods Prompt Evacuation of 3,000 Houses in Gaza


Approximately 3,000 houses in the Gaza Strip have been evacuated due to severe floods caused by torrential rain.
The unusually harsh winter storm, called Alexa, has covered the occupied Palestinian territory causing disruption across the region and particularly deteriorated conditions in the Gaza Strip where the humanitarian situation remains dire.
As a result of the storm and further exacerbating the electricity crisis in Gaza, in the five main districts, electricity is being connected for only four hours to each area with a cut then proceeding of 20 hours.
Without infrastructure to manage such severe weather conditions including shelter centers, some schools have been opened to provide cover to people forced to evacuate their homes; however, these schools lack the basic facilities to provide adequate shelter especially under such harsh weather conditions.
The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights pays tribute to the civil defense and rescue teams, municipality workers, and the concerned authorities at UNRWA for their efforts to help the people of Gaza.
Al Mezan urges all local and international relief organizations, UN bodies, and International Committee of the Red Cross to promptly provide relief for the families who have been forced to leave their homes under these exceptional conditions.
The Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and the ensuing humanitarian crisis has been further inflamed under the current weather conditions where the lack of infrastructure made available to the people of Gaza has notably exacerbated critical conditions.
Al Mezan therefore continues to reiterate its previous calls on the international community to oblige Israeli authorities to lift the siege imposed on Gaza Strip to allow for appropriate recovery actions and to prevent further deterioration in living conditions.

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