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Police General Investigations Department Prevents Number of Women from Attending the Weekly Sit-in in Gaza

12-11-2013 00:00

At approximately 10:30 am on Tuesday 12 November 2013, members of the police general investigations department prevented about 30 women who gathered in a parking area in Jabaliya refugee camp, near to the police station, from attending the weekly sit-in organized by women institutions, themed “Ending Palestinian Split”, in Al Jundi Al Majhoul street in Gaza.
According to Al Mezan’s field investigations, the police members prevented women from riding the bus- Abu O’lba bus company- and prevented them also from going by cars for Al Wissam car office, and ordered them to disperse and to leave the place.
They justified that the sit-in is unlicensed for this week.
Some of women went there by taxies.
In her affidavit to Al Mezan, one of the women stated that the police prevented them from arriving the sit-in place.
She added that the sit-in is licensed from the interior ministry in Gaza, and organized by women institutions and women committee that are affiliated to the Palestinian Liberation Organization in the Gaza Strip every week.
She asserted that the internal security apparatus and the police women broke up the sit- in Al Jundi Al Majhoul street and forced them to leave.

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