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IOF Arrests Patient's Escort at Erez Crossing


At approximately 9:30 am on Tuesday 15 October 2013, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested Nu’man Ali Ahmed Rehan, 40, who is a resident of Jabaliya.
According to Al Mezan's field investigations, Rehan was accompanying his mother Deeba Yousif Rehan who was on her way to Al Makassed Hospital for medical treatment.
In her affidavit to Al Mezan, Deeba stated that she went with her son to Erez crossing and found the staff members of the Palestinian Coordination Office were off.
When Deeba and her son returned home, they received a phone call from the Coordination Office informing them to go to Erez crossing.
Deeba and her son went again to Erez crossing and passed the gate.
They were searched and were asked to wait.
A man dressed in civilian clothes came to them and asked her son some questions about his job, his father, and his brother.
The man asked her son to go to one of the Israeli soldiers who was few meters away from them.
The soldier took her son to a room and he did not come back.
An hour later, Deeba asked an Israeli soldier to bring her son back to go to the hospital but the soldier asked Deeba to go home.
Deeba was crying and refused to leave but the Israeli soldiers asked her to leave.
At approximately 4:00 pm on the same day, Deeba arrived at her house and was informed that her husband received a phone call from the Israeli army informing them that their son was detained.

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