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Two Children Injured East of Jabaliya
“I could not run… I saw blood bleeding from my right thigh and left leg”: Lu’ai, 16, says


Since the beginning of 2013, Israeli forces injured 9 children in the Access Restricted Areas (ARA).
Israeli attacks against Palestinians show Israel’s systematic violations of international law Al Mezan calls on the international community to promptly intervene.
Israeli forces continue to use live ammunition against Palestinian children in the ARA.
Since the beginning of 2013 and till publishing this press release, Israeli forces carried out 60 attacks against Palestinians in ARA causing injury to nine children.
Recently, two children were injured while they were near the northern separation fence between Gaza Strip and Israel.
According to field investigations by Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, at around 6:30 pm on Tuesday, August 20, 2013, Israeli occupying forces opened fire at a group of Palestinian children who were near the separation fence between Gaza Strip and Israel, north of the Cemetery, east of Jabaliya in North Gaza district.
As a result, Lu’ai Yousif Al Mabhouh, 16, sustained bullet wounds in the right thigh and shrapnel in the left leg and the scalp; and Hasan Suhaeil Abu ‘Itta, 14, sustained bullet wound in the left thigh.
Medical sources at Kamal Odwan Hospital descried their injuries as moderate.
In his affidavit to Al Mezan, Lu’ai stated: “at about 6:40 pm on Tuesday, six of my friends and I went for picnic in agricultural lands east of Jabaliya.
We were about 300 meters away from the separation fence.
The atmosphere was calm.
Suddenly, I heard shooting.
I heard someone speaking shaky Arabic saying “stop…stop”.
My friends and I ran to the west few meters.
I laid on the ground because of the heavy shooting.
When the shooting stopped, I stood up.
I heard the same voice saying “come here”.
I stopped and looked at the source of the voice.
I saw five Israeli soldiers inside the separation fence and calling me.
I ran quickly.
While I was running I heard gun fire.
I felt I was injured in my legs.
I continued running.
My friend Suheil and I stopped and lid on the ground.
We could not run.
I saw blood bleeding from my right thigh and left leg.
I felt blood bleeding from behind of my head.
I saw Suhail was bleeding.
” Al Mezan reiterates its condemnation of the Israeli use of force on civilians in the ARA and on the measures taken to prevent Palestinians from reaching their lands in the area.
These attacks amount to systematic violations of the right to life and the right to livelihood as stipulated under international law.
Therefore, Al Mezan reiterates its previous calls on the international community to promptly intervene in order to end the violations.
Al Mezan asserts that the Gaza Strip is part of the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) and the dual agreements between the Israeli authorities and Palestinian bodies under regional and international sponsorship, including Oslo Accords, do not exempt the Israeli forces from its obligation under international law.
Under international law, Israel is obliged to respect human rights and humanitarian principals in respect to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip as part of the oPt.

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