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Police Breakup for the Second Time a Sit-In against Prawer Law and Some Activists in Gaza

01-08-2013 00:00

At approximately 4:00 pm on Thursday 1 August 2013, Gaza police breakup an anti-Prawer Law sit-in in Al Joundi Al Majhoul square, organized by activists via Facebook.
The ‘Prawer-Begin’ law seeks to uproot and resettle the Bedouin population in the Negev; a law that would forcibly displace more than 40,000 Bedouins, lead to the destruction of their villages, and the resettlement of their lands.
According to Al Mezan’s field investigations, when the protesters were in the square two cars from the police general investigation department arrived.
A number of the police force dressed in civilian clothes got out of the cars and began announcing that the area had to be cleared under the pretext of not getting prior permission from the Interior Ministry.
Protestors replied that they filed notifications to the Ministry of Interior.
However, the police broke up the sit-in and arrested a number of the protestors.
Al M ezan identified two of the detainees as follows: Journalist Amjad Yaghi; Mahmoud Tramsi; Rami Muhsein; and Ibrahim Al Ghandour.
Earlier on Monday 15 July 2013, around 4:00 pm, dozens gathered in Al Joundi Al Majhoul square in Gaza City and raised banners in solidarity with Palestinian Bedouins in Negev and police disperse them and arrested three of them who were released later.

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