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One Killed and Another Wounded; Al Mezan Condemns Violence in Gaza and the Spread and Misuse of Arms


Gazan citizen, Majed Eyad Hassan Kotkot, 22, from Jabalya, was killed at 08:30 pm on Sunday, July 21, 2013.
According to information made available to Al Mezan, Kotkot was killed after a fight with members of a family who live in the area where he was working as a mechanic.
It was at the shop, opposite Etisalat building in Jabalya in North Gaza, where members of this family assaulted him with sharp objects, hitting him in the head and back.
Kotkot died as a result of these injuries.
According to relatives, Majed’s family was living in Rafah, while he was living in Jabalya with extended family, some of whom own the mechanic shop that he was working in.
According to the same relatives, Majed had only one day prior reported members of the assaulting family to the police with a complaint of an attack.
The police later responded that the perpetrators had been arrested and there would be an investigation into the incident.
In a separate incident, Gazan citizen, S.
, 22, living east of Sheikh Radwan in North Gaza, was wounded at around 12:30 am on Saturday, July 20, 2013, when a grenade he was tampering with exploded in his hands.
This resulted in moderate injuries and he was taken to Shiffa Hospital for treatment.
Al Mezan expresses its grave sorrow for the mounting death toll due to continued violence in the Gaza Strip.
Al Mezan expresses its condemnation of the death of Kotkot, and calls upon the relevant authorities to investigate the incidents and hold the guilty parties accountable.
Al Mezan also calls for measures that would reduce the repetition of similar incidents to that of S.
, namely by reducing the spread and misuse of arms in the Gaza Strip.

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