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Three Killed and 27 Injured in an Explosion during a Funeral in Gaza

15-12-2007 00:00

On 14 December 2007 three people were killed and 27 injured in an explosion that occurred during a funeral in the Ash-Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza City.
According to investigations by Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, at approximately 10.
30am on 14 December 2007, the funeral of Nasser Al Masare'i marched from Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City and headed towards the house of Al Masare'i's family in the Ash-Sheikh Radwan neighborhood northern of the city.
Al Masare'i was killed in an air strike by IOF on the previous day.
At approximately 11.
15am, as the funeral was approaching the Shuhdaa Ash-Sheikh Radwan School, a sound of the explosion was heard in a park located opposite to the school.
After a few moments the sound of a second explosion was heard.
However, this explosion occurred into the crowd this time.
Three mourners, including one child, were killed as a result.
They were identified as: 17-year-old Zuhair Muhammad Awad; 19-year-old Yousef As'ad Abu Reyala; and 18-year-old Mutaz Fathi Masare'i.
In addition, 27 others were injured from shrapnel; three of whom were reported to have sustained critical wounds.
Al Mezan Center expresses its deep sorrow for the falling of so many victims in this incident.
It also expresses its solidarity with their families.
Al Mezan calls for a prompt, effective and investigation into this incident and for bringing those who are found involved to justice in accord with the law.
Al Mezan also asserts the need to control the use of small arms in order to prevent their use in activities other than law enforcement.

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