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Al Mezan Calls for Investigation into the Death of Khalifa in Prison


At approximately 3pm on 13 December 2007, security sources announced the death of 26-year-old Rami Khalifa at the As Saraya Prison in Gaza City.
According to the sources, Khalifa died from a heart attack.
No forensic report on the cause of his death has been issued until the issuance of this release.
According to police sources, Khalifa was arrested on 4 December 2007.
He was accused murdering 15-year-old Mahmoud As Shair, whose body was found on 6 December 2007 buried inside in a house that was rented by Khalifa in the Ash Shaboura neighborhood in Rafah refugee camp.
Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights calls for an investigation into the circumstances under which Khalifa died.
The authorities have an obligation to investigate his death and be satisfied that the reason was not an illegal conduct.
In this context, the Center stresses on the right of the accused to protection of his/her person and dignity, regardless the nature of charges against him/her, or the public perceptions of these crimes.
Suspects under the police custody must be able to defend themselves and granted their life to legal counsel and a fair trial.

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