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Al Mezan Organizes Workshop on International Humanitarian Law for Lawyer Apprentices


Today, Tuesday 8 April 2008, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights organized a training workshop on International Humanitarian Law (IHL) for a group of lawyer apprentices.
The workshop is part of the Center's activities under the "Promotion of IHL and ESCR by Education in Gaza" project, which is supported by Diakonia.
The workshop was held at the Palestinian Bar Association in Gaza City.
Twenty-five lawyer apprentices participated.
The lecture set out to educate the participants about the historical, moral and legal framework of the development of IHL.
It also aimed to educate them about what is protected under this law along with its practical applications and enforcement mechanisms in times of armed conflict and occupation The workshop was organized within the framework of the project's overall goal, which is to raise the awareness of IHL in the Palestinian community in the Gaza Strip; and, therefore, enables lawyers to use the IHL language in legal practice, especially during litigation.
During the workshop, participants discussed the status of the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), especially the status of the Gaza Strip after the 2005 Disengagement Plan and its consequences on Gazans.
They discussed also the IOF violations of IHL and the legal status of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, and the violations committed against them.
Finally, they stressed the importance of the international community to act in accordance with its responsibility to protect civilians under occupation, and to ensure Israel's compliance with the principles of IHL.

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