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IOF Opens Fire at Fishermen and Arrests Two, Al Mezan Condemns the IOF Violation and Calls on International Community to Intervene


The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) continue its violations against Palestinian fishermen in Gaza waters.
At approximately 9:30 am on Monday 17 December 2012, Israeli naval vessels patrolling the Gaza sea opened fire at a Palestinian fishing boat about eight nautical miles away from the shore opposite Wadi Gaza village.
According to information collected by the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, the owner of the boat Mas’ad Abdel RazeqSa’eed Baker, 36, was injured and detained along with Mohammed Tareq Baker, 20.
The IOF confiscated their boat and took the fishermen to unknown destination.
The IOF violations have continueddespite the announced ceasefire whichwas reached on Wednesday 21 November 2012 to put an end to the wide-scale eight-day aggression on the Gaza Strip.
According to information collected by Al Mezan, since the ceasefire came into effect, the IOF carried out 22 attacks against fishermen in Gaza’s territorial waters.
It arrested 33 fishermen and released them at different times except one fisherman who is still in detention at the time when this press release is published at 2:20 pm on Monday 17 December 2012.
Al Mezan reiterates its strong condemnation of Israel’s continuous violations in access-restricted areas and asserts that the right of Palestinian fishermento access fish in Gaza’s territorial waters is a basic right.
The IOF attacks against fishermen show clearly Israel’ssystematic violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law.
Therefore, Al Mezan reiterates its previous calls on the international community to promptly intervene in order to end Israel’s human rightsviolations.
Al Mezan asserts that Gaza Strip is part of the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) and the dual agreements between the IOF and Palestinian bodies under regional and international sponsorship, including Oslo Accords, do not exempt the IOF from its obligation under the international law.
Israel under international law is obliged to end its violations and to respect human rights and its implementationwith respect to the Palestinians in the oPt.

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