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Gaza’s Police Assaults Number of Persons in An-Nuseirat Refugee Camp

12-11-2012 00:00

  At approximately 12:30 pm on Monday 12 November 2012, the Gaza’s police assaulted a number of persons northwest of An-Nseirat refugee camp as they protested against the start of implementing “Wastewater Pools” project.
According to witnesses, a bulldozer started to remove sand from the Wadi Gaza course where the pools are supposed to be erected.
Residents of the western part of An-Nuseirat protested against the start of the project as the pools are close to their homes.
The police opened fire in the sky, assaulted six persons, and arrested two of them.
At approximately 9:00 am on Wednesday 13 November 2012, people gathered once again and the police dispersed them.

Tags / #peaceful assembly