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Gaza Police Shut Down Conclusion of Literary Event in Gaza

10-05-2012 00:00

At approximately 5:00 pm on Wednesday 10 May 2012, a force introducing itself as part of the General Investigation Department of the Gazan police prevented the conclusion of a literary event—the “Palestine Celebration of Literature”—held at Al Basha Palace, near Az-Zahra school in central Gaza City.
  The event was organized by Palestinian writers, with a number of Egyptian writers among the attendees and speakers, including political activist and writer Amro Eizat.
  One of the police officers interrupted Eizat’s speech after he stated that “Anyone who restrains freedoms cannot liberate his land.
”  The officer also turned off the generator supplying electricity to the event.
  The coordinator of the event asked the attendees if they wanted to continue and they replied positively, but the police force dismissed the audience from the hall, confiscating some cameras and cell phones.
  The audience chanted “Down with military government!” and “The people want to end the split!”  The attendees then went to Al Quds International Hotel and completed the event, which concluded at 9:00 pm on the same day.

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