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Police Arrest Three People for Joining Candlelight Vigil Commemorating Nakba in Al Bureij Refugee Camp

09-05-2012 00:00

At approximately 9:00 pm on Wednesday 9 May 2012, the General Investigation Unit of the Gazan police arrested three Palestinian men and detained them at the police station in An-Nuseirat refugee camp, before transferring them to the Internal Security Apparatus office in Deir Al Balah.
  The arrest came just after they participated in a candlelight vigil near Ash-Shuhadaa crossroads in Al Bureij refugee camp to commemorate the Nakba (the Palestinian national catastrophe of 1948).
  The Popular Front for the Refugees organized the vigil.
 Al Mezan has identified the three arrested as: Rezeq Mohammed Jebril, 60; Majed Awni ‘Awad, 37; and Ismail Hasan Salim, 49.
  Tens of young men had gathered at the vigil, where among other speeches the detainee Rezeq Jebril delivered an address on behalf of Al Bureij notables.
  The police confiscated a sound truck belonging to the detainee Ismail Salim, along with other sound equipment.
  The next day the police released the three detainees and the impounded sound truck.

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