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Al Mezan Organizes Educational Workshop Entitled “Prisoners’ Rights and Guarantees under Palestinian Laws”


On Wednesday 14 March 2012, the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights opened an educational workshop for prisoners entitled “Detainees’ Rights and Guarantees under Palestinian Laws,” held at Asdaa prison facility in Khan Younis district.
 About 195 detainees held at the facility attended the workshop.
 Major Adel Abu Taqiya, director of the prison’s monitoring and inspection department; Captain Omar Dawawsha, the prison’s work force director; Lieutenant Mohammed An-Nafar, director of public relations; and other police members also attended the workshop.
 This workshop constitutes one component of the “Enhancing Legal Aid for Victims of Human Rights Violations in the Gaza Strip” project, implemented by Al Mezan with support from the United Nations Development Program - Program of Assistance to the Palestinian People (UNDP/PAPP, Rule of Law Program).
  Yihya Mhareb, the project lawyer, opened the workshop by welcoming the participants.
  He expressed his hope that the workshop would meet participants’ expectations and motivate them to realize their rights in accordance with Palestinian laws.
  Participants were introduced to detainees’ rights and guarantees under the Palestinian Basic Law; Penal Code No.
3 of 2001; and Rehabilitation and Reform Centers Law No.
6 of 1998.
 Mhareb also described Al Mezan’s role in following up on the situation detainees in rehabilitation and reform centers.
 The workshop lasted for about two hours.
  At the end of the workshop, detainees discussed violations that they are subjected to in rehabilitation centers.
 They called for improvement of their situation and adherence to the appropriate legal procedures in detention, such as presentation before the public prosecutor’s office and other responsible official bodies.

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