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Internal Security Apparatus Summons 42 Fatah Activists in Two Weeks


In the past two weeks, the Internal Security Apparatus has summoned 42 Fatah activists to its offices throughout the Gaza Strip, 15 of whom have been summoned more than once.
  The Apparatus serves either the individuals or their families with written summonses to present themselves at its office in the Ansar compound.
  According to Al Mezan’s field investigations, activists have been interrogated about their factional activities and their preparation for ceremonies celebrating the 46th anniversary of Fatah’s founding.
  The summoned persons were generally detained from the morning hours until 4:00 or 5:00 pm on the same day.
  Most have been released, but only after being issued further summonses to present themselves at the Apparatus office.
  Some activists were released after being compelled to sign declarations committing them not to participate in any political or factional activities without prior permits from the concerned authorities.
  The Apparatus also confiscated the passports of some of the summoned persons.
  In one such case, during the evening hours of Wednesday 28 December 2011, the Apparatus broke into the houses of three Fatah members in the Ash-Sheikh Redwan neighborhood of Gaza City, tore up pictures of the late president Yaser Arafat, and confiscated several Fatah banners.
  Al Mezan has identified the names of the summoned persons as follows: •          Abdel Khaliq Ramadan Shehata; •          Husam Kamel Abu ‘Ajwa; •          Abdel Nasser Idrees Abu Al ‘Ammreen; •          Alaa Ad-Din Abedel Fattah Hmeed; •          Abdel Hadi Odwa Abu ‘Ammra; •          Ayman Mohammed Abu Zaid; •          Muzir Yousif Al Hayik; •          Mukhlis Yousif Al Hwaira; •          Shehda Ahmed Haboush; •          Mahmoud Mohammed ‘Ashour; •          Salah Mohammed Al Qattnani; •          Ramzi Shaker Haboub; •          Tal’at Darweish Khalil Ar-Ras; •          Sheda Mohammed Shehda Kuhail; •          Maher Ghazi Al ‘Asali; •          Foud Mohammed An-Nimnim; •          Emad Abu Al Kas; •          Yaser Mesleh; •          Sami Abu Lashen; •          Mahmoud Mustafa Al Burbar; •          Ghassan Nasser Kassab; •          Mu’az Abdel Mu’ti At-Talla’; •          Basel Ibrahim Abu Shareikh; •          Ibrahim Jaser At-Talla’; •          Basel Al Sharif; •          Husam Shalaeil; •          Naji Sa’ada; •          Osama Nasser; •          Abdel Mu’tti Amer An-Nakhala; •          Ahmed Al Omari; •          Mesbah Abdel Aziz Jaber; •          Waseem Hamdi Obied; •          Sa’ad Ad-Din Hasan Abu ‘Amra; •          Tayser Shehda Abu Hasanein; •          Anwar Al Mbaied; •          Kareem Mariesh; •          Mohammed Az-Zaeigh; •          Ahmed Rajab Siam; •          Ibrahim Abu Al ‘Aish; •          Hamdan Al ‘Amasi; •          Ahmed Siam; and •          Wadee’ Al Masri.

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