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Locally Made Rocket Hits House in Beit Hanoun


At approximately 9:50 pm on Friday 9 December 2011, the sound of an explosion was heard in Beit Hanoun.
  It later became clear that a locally made rocket had hit the house of Waleed, Rebhi, and Sa’eed Abu Oda.
  The two-story house is about 360 square meters in area and is located in the Al Bura area in the northeastern part of Beit Hanoun, North Gaza district.
  As a result, the house was severely damaged.
  Two children’s bedrooms were totally destroyed, the walls of the second floor were damaged, and 12 windows panes, 10 doors, a TV, a bedroom set, and two adjacent houses were partially damaged.
According to Al Mezan’s field investigations, the rocket hit the southern wall of one of the children’s rooms.
  No casualties or injuries were reported.
  Four families live in the house, amounting to about 41 family members, 26 of whom are children and 11 women.

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