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Locally Made Rocket Hits Residential House in Beit Lahiya


At approximately 9:50 pm on Friday 9 December 2011, the sound of an explosion was heard in Beit Lahiya.
  It later became clear that a locally made rocket had hit the house of Majdi Shehada Ghabaien.
  The three-story house is about 300 square meters in area and is located about 2,600 meters away from the northern separation fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel.
  As a result, Baheera Abdel Hadi Ghabaein, 45, was put in a state of panic, and the second floor of the house was severely damaged.
  According to Al Mezan’s field investigations, the rocket left a two meter-wide hole in the southern wall of the house.
  The house hosts three families, about 29 family members in total, 20 of whom are children and six women.

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