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Limited IOF Incursion East of Al Sheja’iya and Attacks Palestinian Groups; One Person Killed and Three Injured


At approximately 15:30 on Tuesday, 6 December 2011, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) tanks accompanied by armored bulldozers moved about 300 meters west of Al Muntar (Karni) crossing in the east of Al Sheja’iya neighborhood, east of Gaza City.
Bulldozers leveled agricultural land in the area.
The IOF fired three artillery shells at open areas in the east of Az-Zaitoun and Al Sheja’iya neighborhoods.
IOF vehicles then withdrew from the area at 02:30 on Wednesday, 7 December 2011.
At approximately 00:30 on Wednesday, 7 December 2011, Israeli aircraft fired a missile at a group of Palestinians at the As-Slakhi family’s land in the east of Al Sheja’iya neighborhood east of Gaza City.
As a result, Ismail Salama Al ‘Ara’eer, 23, was killed and three others were critically injured.
According to Al Mezan’s field investigations, residents of the area heard a big explosion in the area.
They left their homes and hurried to the location of the explosion.
On their way to the location of explosion, they heard screaming.
Three injured persons were found on the ground.
Residents helped them and carried them to hospital.
In a separate incident, Israeli aircraft fired a missile at the same time on another group of Palestinian youths near the Ali Bin Abi Taleb mosque east of Az-Zaitoun neighborhood east of Gaza city.
As a result, one person sustained moderate injury.

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