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Al Mezan Organizes Workshop Entitles “Child Rights and Protection Mechanisms”


On Monday 28 November 2011, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights held a workshop for school students on “Child Rights and Protection Mechanisms”.
The workshop aimed to raise school children awareness in child rights and protection in at-risk areas.
It was held in the library of Khuza’a Elementary School in the town of Khuza’a, Khan Younis district.
  The workshop aimed to raise children’s awareness of their rights and where they can get help if their rights are violated.
  Ghareeb As-Sinwar, Al Mezan’s fieldworker in Khan Younis district, opened the workshop by welcoming the 30 participating students and thanking the school administration for its cooperation.
  He then began his discussion of child rights and the protective mechanisms for children.
  The workshop lasted for four hours.
  This workshop is part of a project titled “Promotion of 1612 MRM [Monitoring and Reporting Mechanisms]” funded by Save the Children - UK.

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