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Al Mezan Concludes Workshop on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights


On Thursday 20 October 2011 the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights concluded a training workshop on “Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights and Special Protection Mechanisms” at the training hall of the Palestinian Student Care Association, in An-Nuseirat refugee camp.
  About 25 people attended the workshop, which was conducted by Al Mezan and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.
  The workshop consisted of 10 training hours, delivered over two days.
  It aimed to bolster economic, social, and cultural rights in the Gaza Strip and raise awareness of mechanisms to defend them.
  The program included an introduction to practical and theoretical aspects of the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, the international mechanisms to defend human rights, and international standards which were used to study some cases relating to health.
  During the workshop, the participants assessed the course in terms of the content, equipment, and material requirements.
 They thanked Al Mezan for its interest in holding courses on such subjects.
 The participants added that they felt it was important to organize similar courses in the future because this branch of law has not received sufficient attention.
  At the end, Mrs.
Nour Ash-Shawa, the project coordinator at Al Mezan, thanked the participants for their comments and participation.
  She also thanked the Palestinian Student Care Association for its contribution to the success of this workshop.
Basam Abu Jrai, Al Mezan’s field worker in Middle Gaza district, emphasized the importance of continued communication with the participants and noted that Al Mezan is always ready to assist victims of violations of social and economic rights.
Ash-Shawa and Mr.
Abu Jrai then presented the participants with their certificates.
  Al Mezan continues to carry out a series of activities aimed at raising awareness of economic, social, and cultural rights in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

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