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Position Paper: Peaceful Assembly: A Basic Human Right and Indicator of the Rule of the Law


As part of its work toward promoting and raising awareness of the rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of opinion and expression, and based on the firm belief in the importance of respecting the right to peaceful assembly, as a core legal right whose respect indicates adherence to the principle of rule of law, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights (Al Mezan) presents this position paper to contribute to cementing this right in the Palestinian society.
This brief paper presents Al Mezan's position regarding the violation of this right and other rights related to it in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).
Issuing this paper is significant at this particular time, as the public, and especially youth groups, is increasingly mobilizing against the current Palestinian-Palestinian split and the Israeli occupation.
Various powers and groups in Palestinian society are taking action.
Their only tool in order to mobilize society is their right to peacefully assemble.
Al Mezan therefore calls for full, unconditional respect of every Palestinian’s right to exercise this right without being treated violently or denied of this right.
  Al Mezan asserts that the violation of this right, be it in the form of preventing peaceful assemblies or by using force to disperse them, represents a serious infringement of Palestinian law as well as international human rights standards.
The Palestinian governments in Gaza and the West Bank are under an obligation to respect this right as well as protect those who exercise it within the limits of the law.

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