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Limited IOF Incursion East of Gaza City Causes Multiple Palestinian Injuries

03-02-2011 00:00

At approximately 9am on Wednesday 23 February 2011, four Israeli tanks and an armored bulldozer moved about 300 meters into the Malaka square, east of Az-Zaitoun neighborhood in the east of Gaza City.
Bulldozers leveled agricultural land in the area.
A booby trap placed by the Palestinian resistance fighters in the area exploded in one of the Israeli vehicles and damaged it.
Following the explosion, another Israeli force invaded the same area to cover the withdrawal the damaged vehicle.
At around midday, people gathered near the As-Sawada Factory in the east of Az-Zaitoun neighborhood to follow the developments.
The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) fired two artillery shells at the crowd.
As a result, nine persons were injured; one of whom was critically injured.
Al Mezan identified the names of the injured persons as follows: Belal Khader Obied, 28; Mu'taz Basem Jendeiah, 26; Shadi Mohammed Daloul, 22; Sami Ibrahim Saleh, 14; Ahmed Mesbah Abu 'Amara, 15; Ahmed Adnan Abu Lil, 28; Khalil Fouad Heles, 15; Khalil Mohammed Heleas, 18; and Adel Othman Jendia, 25.

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