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Civil Defense Teams Rescue Four Injured Persons inside a Tunnel in Rafah


At approximately 3am on Monday 10 January 2011, civil defense teams recovered four injured persons who were injured inside a tunnel under the Yebna area on the Gaza-Egypt border south of Rafah town.
Three of them sustained critical injuries and were referred to the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.
They were injured when the tunnel they were working in collapsed.
Authorities in the Gaza Strip announced that the tunnel collapsed after an explosion in the Egyptian side.
  Al Mezan identified the names of the injured persons as follows: ·         Mohammed Jalal Madi, 21, from Rafah; ·         Ashraf Fat'hi Abu 'Aser, 24; from Al Bureij refugee camp; ·         Nedal Jamal Hamdan, 26; from Al Bureij refugee camp; and ·         Yousif Samir Hassouna, 22.
  According to medical sources, the first three persons were critically injured and the fourth sustained moderate injuries.

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