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Internal Security Continues to Summon Al-Shaab Radio Correspondent in Khan Younis

17-02-2011 00:00

At approximately 9am on Thursday 17 February 2011, the Gaza Government's internal security apparatus summoned the Al-Shaab (The People) Radio correspondent, Sameh Deeb Ramadan, 30, to its office west of Khan Younis district.
Ramadan was detained at the apparatus office and interrogated about allegedly promoting overthrowing the government in Gaza on the social networking site Facebook.
At around midday on Thursday, the apparatus released him, but after signing a declaration committing himself not to ‘disrupt order’.
At approximately 9am on Monday 15 February 2011, the apparatus summoned Ramadan again to its office in Khan Younis.
In an affidavit he gave to Al Mezan, Ramadan said that one of the internal security apparatus members stopped him at the apparatus gate, ordered him to leave after he handed him a new summons for 17 February 2011.
On 5 February 2011, Ramadan received a telephone call from a person who identified himself as from the internal security apparatus, and asked him questions about whether he was ‘responsible for promoting and sending invitations to a revolution against the Gaza Government on the Facebook’.
The officer also told him that he called him by telephone that time; however, next time he would summon him to the apparatus office.

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