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Gaza's Internal Security Apparatus Continued to Summon Fatah Activists in North Gaza District

14-02-2011 00:00

  The Gaza security apparatus continued to summon members of Fatah’s leadership in the North Gaza district.
At approximately 10am on Wednesday 9 February 2011, the apparatus summoned Yaser Mohammed Yousif As-Sayed, 52, to its office in Jabalia refugee camp.
The apparatus sent him a summons to present himself immediately at its office.
As-Sayid is ill and always spends much time at the Al Awda Hospital as his health condition is deteriorated.
At around midnight on Thursday 10 February 2011, the apparatus released him.
He was released shortly after the Israeli attack on industrial workshops and drug store southeast of the Al Qerem crossroad in the Al Tuffah neighborhood, northeast of Gaza city.
The apparatus released him due to risk of Israeli attacks, which could target its offices.
He was given another summons to present himself at the apparatus office at 8am on the same day.
When As-Sayed went to the apparatus office, he met another six Fatah members, who were also summoned there.
They were detained in the same room.
As-Sayed was ill and asked the apparatus to release him as his felt tired, but the apparatus did not agree.
At approximately 5:30pm on the same day, the apparatus released them all, but after issuing them other summonses for 8am on Friday 11 February 2011.
It is believed that these summonses are linked to a mass rally that had been called for to occur on 11 February 2011 by a group on a social networking site Facebook against Gaza Government.
  On Friday 11 February 2011, the summoned persons presented themselves at the apparatus office.
They were subjected to abuse and were detained for two hours in two dirty rooms, which are designed to be mobile toilets, but were used as detention cells.
The detainees were blindfolded.
At approximately 1:45pm on the same day, the apparatus released them.
  Al Mezan identified the names of the summoned persons as follows: From Beit Hanoun: Issa Khalil Issa Al Mughrabi, 53.
  From Jabalia Refugee Camp: Jamal Sa'eed Obied, 45.
  From Jabalia Town: Iyad I'layan Al Ametal, 30; Abdel Hai Mohammed Yousif An-Najjar, 49.
  From Beit Lahyia: Mohammed Adel Al Masri, 50; and Khalid Yousif Abdel Rahman Warsh-Agha, 39.

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