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Internal Security Apparatus in Gaza Summons Seven Fatah Activists in North Gaza District

14-02-2011 00:00

At approximately 8am on Thursday 10 February 2011, the Gaza Government's internal security apparatus summoned seven Fatah members to its office in North Gaza district.
Six of them are from Beit Lahiya town and one from Jabalia refugee camp.
At approximately 5:30pm on the same day, the apparatus released them with summonses for 8am on the next day, Friday 11 February 2011.
The summoned persons went to the apparatus office on Friday and were released at 2pm on the same day.
According to Al Mezan's field investigations, the apparatus detained these persons in waiting rooms at the apparatus’s office in the district.
The reason of the summonses is believed to be of a political nature, as it is related to a mass rally that had been called for to occur on 11 February 2011 by a group on a social networking site Facebook against Gaza Government.
Al Mezan identified the names of the summoned persons as follows: ·         Mohammed Rushdi Al Azraq, 44; ·         Sufian Mohammed Deeb Rajab, 42; ·         Ra'fat Mohammed Rajab, 37; ·         Raed Attea Sa'eed Al Kilani, 35; ·         Ayman Omar Khalaf Al Louh, 38; ·         Ramzi Ali Al Masri, 38; and ·         Fesal Mohammed Mhanna, 47.

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