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Gaza Government's Internal Security Apparatus Summons Seven Fatah Activists and Members in North Gaza

09-02-2011 00:00

At approximately 8am on Tuesday 8 February 2011, six Fatah activists presented themselves at the apparatus office in Jabalia refugee camp after being summoned by the apparatus.
At approximately 6pm on the same day, the apparatus released them, but with new summonses to present themselves at the apparatus’s office on Thursday 10 February 2011.
According to Al Mezan's field investigations, the internal security apparatus detained the summoned persons in rooms that should be portable toilets, but were used as detention cells.
The cells were very small; three square meters each.
The detainees were blindfolded.
The apparatus did not give reasons for the continuous summoning.
Al Mezan identified the names of the summoned persons as follows: From Beit Hanoun: Issa Khalil Issa Al Mughrabi, 53.
  From Jabalia Refugee Camp: Jamal Sa'eed Obied, 45.
  From Jabalia Town: Iyad I'layan Al Ametal, 30; Abdel Hai Mohammed Yousif An-Najjar, 49.
  From Beit Lahyia: Mohammed Adel Al Masri, 50; and Khalid Yousif Abdel Rahman Warsh-Agha, 39.
  The apparatus also summoned Yaser Mohammed Yousef As-Sayed, 52, on Thursday 10 February 2011.
As-Sayed was exempted from presenting himself before the apparatus office on 26 January 2011 because he was ill.

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