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Internal Security Apparatus and Police in Gaza Confiscate Novels from Bookshops in Gaza City

25-01-2011 00:00

The Police General Investigation Unit and Internal Security Apparatus in Gaza confiscated copies of two novels from at least three bookshops in Gaza City.
The confiscated novels are the Syrian novelist Haidar Haidar’s1983 novel Banquet for Sea Grass, which is about an Iraqi man, a  communist fighter who escaped to Algeria where he met a woman, also a resistance fighter, living at a time when the revolution was falling down and deterioration of the conditions of its fighters.
The novel was republished in 2000 in Egypt and banned by Al Azahr because it allegedly ‘harms Islam’.
The second novel was Chicago, by Egyptian writer Dr.
Alaa Al Aswani.
This novel was published in Egypt in 2007.
The novel’s actions take place in the city of Chicago, US.
It has severely contrasting duals, such as good and evil, life and death, and loyalty and betrayal.
According to Al Mezan's field investigations, in the evening hours on Sunday 23 January 2011, Internal Security Apparatus and the Police Investigations Unit confiscated copies of the two novels.
Al Mezan also has unverified information that copies of a third novel The Forbidden Pleasure were also confiscated.
The three novels were confiscated from the Ibn Khaldon, Al Shourouq and Mansour bookshops in Gaza city.

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