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IOF Arrests Four Fishermen; including Two Children on Gaza Coast


Around midday on Tuesday 11 January 2011, Israeli naval vessels that patrol Gaza sea arrested four Palestinian fishermen and confiscated their boat.
 The fishermen were working about 2.
5 kilometers off Gaza shore; i.
inside the permitted fishing zone Israel had declared.
The IOF arrested the fishermen opposite the Al Sheikh 'Ijleen area, west of Gaza city.
Two of them are children.
The IOF took them and their boat north, expectedly towards Ashdod harbor.
The reasons behind the arrest have remained unknown.
Al Mezan identified the names of fishermen as follows: ·         Usama Nasser Mohammed Abu Amira, 18; ·         Mohammed Khalid Mohammed Abu Amira, 19; ·         Mahmoud Khalid Mohammed Abu Amira, 17; and ·         Saher Khalid Juha, 15.
The fishermen are residents of Al Shati' refugee camp west of Gaza city.
In the evening hours on the same day, the IOF released three fishermen and kept Mohammed Khalid Mohammed Abu Amira in detention.

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