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Unknown Persons Detonate Explosives in Car in the An-Nuseirat Refugee Camp


At approximately 4:20am on Tuesday 4 January 2011, unknown persons detonated a white Mercedes car with explosives in the An-Nuseriart refugee camp in Middle- Gaza district.
The car is owned by Attallah Mohammed Jaber Abu 'Ireeban, 45.
The car was parked few meters from the An-Nuseirat police station near its owner's house in An-Nuseirat refugee camp near an UNRWA School when the explosion occurred.
In his affidavit to Al Mezan, Abu 'Ireeban said he was awakened from his sleep by the sound of his daughter, Hanien, 21, screaming.
She told him that his car was on fire.
He said he instantly went to put the fire out.
A few minutes later, he added, the police arrived and called the fire brigade.
He said the police also initiated an investigation into the incident.

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