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One Killed in Family Feud and Two Injured in Explosion, Al Mezan Urges for Prompt Investigations

22-12-2010 00:00

On 22 December 2010, a man was killed in Gaza City in a family feud between two families.
Small arms were used in the feud.
Similar incidents occurred in other places in Gaza during the past few days.
Al Mezan strongly condemns the rising disputes between families and use of small arms in them.
Al Mezan urges Gaza Government to promptly initiate investigations and ensure order through implementing the law.
  According to Al Mezan Centre’s investigations, at approximately 8am on Wednesday 22 December 2010, Mohammed Mohammed Al Ashram, 28, who lived in Gaza City’s As-Sabra neighborhood, was killed in a family feud.
The feud erupted at the At-Tuffah neighborhood east of the city and developed with small arms used in it.
As a result, Al Ashram was injured from bullets in the chest.
The police arrested some persons for questioning and put the house of a suspect under its custody, fearing it would be attacked in revenge for the killing.
The reasons behind the feud have remained unknown.
  In a separate incident, at approximately 9:30am on Wednesday 22 December 2010, an explosion occurred in a house owned by the Al Hindi family in Ash-Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in the north of Gaza City.
As a result, two persons were injured and the house sustained light damages.
  Earlier on on Monday 20 December 2010, family feud erupted in the Jabalia refugee camp.
As a result, Zuhair Ibrahim Hasan Al Ghandour, 40, was killed (see Press Release 94).
  Al Mezan Center for Human Rights expresses its deep regret for the loss of lives in such incidents in Gaza.
Al Mezan strongly condemns the rising use of small arms in family feuds, which have resulted in murders and other crimes.
Al Mezan reiterates its concern that these incidents reflect a return to the status of security chaos, which devastated the Gaza Strip for years.
  Al Mezan also reiterates its calls on the authorities in Gaza to ensure that small arms are not used in family disputes or crimes, regardless of the political or factional affiliation of those who use them.
  Al Mezan calls on the Gaza Government to promptly to act on its responsibilities and initiate effective and transparent investigations into these incidents.
Those who prove to be involved in such crimes must be brought to justice without delay.

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