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Al Mezan Condemns Banning Mrs. Amal Hamad from Travel via Rafah Crossing

12-12-2010 00:00

At approximately 7:30am on Sunday 12 December 2010, the Gaza Government's internal security apparatus prevented Mrs.
Amal Hamad, a member of Fatah Revolutionary Council, from travel via the Rafah crossing.
Hamad was traveling to join the delegation from the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), which represents Palestine in the World Youth Conference.
The Conference is scheduled to be held on 13-23 December 2010 in South Africa.
  In her affidavit to Al Mezan, Mrs.
Hamad said that in the morning hours on Sunday, the Gaza Government's internal security apparatus held here passport at Rafah crossing while she was on her way to join the Palestinian delegation participating in the Conference.
She said that after attending the Conference she had intended to stay in Cairo to work on her Doctorate degree.
  The internal security asked her questions around her travel and her political activity.
They ordered her to hand over her passport and they held it with them.
She said that the apparatus tried to take her cell phone; however, she refused to hand it over to them.
They then instructed her not to make calls while she was at their office.
They informed her that she was ‘prevented from travel according to a political decision,’ and ordered her to leave the crossing.
  Al Mezan Center for Human Rights condemns the prevention of Mrs.
Hamad from travel to join the PLO delegation for the World Youth Conference.
Al Mezan emphasizes that the right to free movement and travel is a fundamental right and is ensured and protected by Palestinian law as well as human rights standards.
  Al Mezan calls on the Gaza Government to investigate this incident and to take the necessary measures to ensure effective implementation of the law, and to prevent the violation of the right to free movement and travel.
  Al Mezan also condemns the context in which this incident occurred.
The Ministry of Interior in Ramallah Government has continued to deprive Gaza citizens from their right to obtain passports; and therefore to travel, for political reasons.
The Gaza Government's Ministry of Interior apparatuses have also continued to confiscate passports and prevent Gaza citizens from travel for political reasons.
  Al Mezan reasserts that the Palestinian internal split has been a main source behind gross violations of human rights in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
It calls on the both Governments to place the national interest of the Palestinian people first, respect the dignity of Palestinian citizens, and stop harming their vital rights and needs in the course of the political split.
Al Mezan calls on all the Palestinian parties to work seriously to achieve national reconciliation and unity, and  ensure the respect of the rule of the law at all times.

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