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The Internal Security Apparatus in Gaza Summons Four Fatah Members in Deir Al Balah

24-11-2010 00:00

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8am on Tuesday 23 November 2010, the Gaza Government’s internal security apparatus summoned four Fatah members in Middle Gaza district to its office in the town of Deir Al Balah.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights identified their names as follows: Ayman Abdel Rahman Salman Al Msaddar, 46; from Al Msaddar village Husam Otham Ibrahim Abu Zayid, 44; from Az-Zawaida village Majed Mohammed Salman At-Ta'ban, 49; from Az-Zawaida village and Sami Mahmoud Oda Abu Samra, 40 from Deir Al Balah town.
At approximately 1:30pm on the same day, the apparatus released three of them but after issuing them other summonses for them to appear at the office on 22 December 2010.
In the evening of Wednesday 24 November 2010, the apparatus released Abu Samra, but also after issuing him another summons to appear at the apparatus office on Sunday 28 November 2010.

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