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Gaza Police Arrests Five Members of the Liberation Party

18-10-2010 00:00

At approximately 9pm on Monday 18 October 2010, the Gaza police broke into four houses of members of the Liberation Party in the Middle Gaza district and arrests them.
The police also arrested another person who was near his house in the Al Jalaa’ Street in Gaza City.
According to Ibrahim Al Sharif, from the Liberation Party media office, on Monday 18 October 2010, the Gaza police banned a symposium that was organized by the Party at the Rashad Al Shawa Center.
After this ban, the Party issued a press statement criticizing the Gaza Government for the ban.
He added that the arrests came on the grounds of distributing that press statement by the party members.
Al Mezan identified four names of the detainees as follows: ·         Ramadan Al Isawi, 33, from An-Nuseirat refugee camp; ·         Ahmed Abu Zeena, 31, from Al-Bureij refugee camp; ·         Mohammed Al Sharif, 28, from An-Nuseirat refugee camp; and ·         Suhaib Al Hajjar, 25, from Gaza City.
They were still under police custody when this headline was issued by Al Mezan at 2:10pm on 18 October 2010.
The police has also summoned three other persons to its offices throughout the Gaza Strip with relation to the same developments.

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