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Israeli Gunboats Fire at Palestinian Fishing Boats on An-Nuseirat Coast

07-10-2010 00:00

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4pm on Thursday 7 October 2010, Israeli naval vessels patrolling the Gaza sea opened fire on Palestinian fishing boats on the coast of the An-Nuseirat refugee camp in Middle Gaza district.
The fishermen on these boats were terrified and left the sea quickly.
  In his affidavit to Al Mezan, one of the fishermen said that 'at approximately 4pm on Thursday 7 October 2010, my brother and I went to the sea to fish.
We sailed for about one nautical mile inside the sea.
I saw Palestinian fishing boats and there were four Israeli gunboats west of them.
I recognized the Israeli boats from the weapons and transmission equipment installed on them.
I head gun fire.
I saw the Palestinian boats stopped.
Fishermen could not continue their fishing due to the fire.
I dropped the fishing nets in the sea and left the area back to the boats harbor.
' Fishermen reported that the Israeli occupation forces usually attack them and that such attacks increase during the fishing seasons (September to November; and March to May).

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