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Internal Security Summons 10 Fatah Members; Confiscates their Passports


At approximately 9am on Monday 4 October 2010, the internal security apparatus in Gaza summoned ten Fatah members and activists to its office.
The apparatus asked the summoned persons to bring their passports with them and to be present at the apparatus office at 9am on Tuesday 5 October 2010.
  In his affidavit to Al Mezan, one of the summoned said that they were held at the Ansar security compound.
He was subject to Shabah (painful binding of the detainee's hands and feet to a chair).
The apparatus confiscated the passports of the summoned persons.
In the afternoon hours on the same day, the apparatus released them without interrogating them.
  Al Mezan knew some names of the summoned persons as follows: ·         Nasir Abed Badawi; ·         Ahmed Abu Shari'a; ·         Mohammed Salem Al-Reefi; ·         'Awni As-Sindawi; ·         Dr.
Mossa Hillis; ·         Ahmed Siyam, (who is Fatah Secretary at the Az-Zaytoun area); and ·         Taisyer Ar- Ra'i, (who is the former Fatah secretary at the As-Sabra area).

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