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Press Statement: Al Mezan Condemns Shooting Young Man in Peaceful Demonstration East Khan Younis


At approximately 11:25am on Sunday 26 September 2010, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) opened fire on a peaceful demonstration organized by the “Popular Campaign against the Buffer Zone” in the Al Faraheen area east of Abasan town, east of Khan Younis district.
As a result, Sulaiman Ziyad Abu ‘Anza, 20, was injured in the abdomen.
He was admitted to the Gaza European Hospital for medical treatment, where his injury was described as critical.
The shooting occurred as protesters moved towards the border fence east of Kahn Younis district to protest against the Israeli enforcement of the security buffer zone, which extends along the eastern and northern borders between the Gaza Strip and Israel.
Demonstrators were about 500 meters from the separation fence when the IOF opened fire on them.
  Peaceful demonstrations against the Israeli enforcement of the “security buffer zone” are part of popular, peaceful attempts to confront the Israeli enforcement of the “security buffer zone” inside the Gaza Strip.
This zone swallows considerable parts of the Palestinian land in Gaza; agricultural lands that are extremely needed in Gaza.
Peaceful demonstrations are one of the most important forms of solidarity with Palestinian farmers who are not allowed reach their land near the separation fence.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights strongly condemns the continuous Israeli attacks on peaceful demonstrations.
It also reiterates its condemnation to the Israeli attempts to enforce “security buffer zone” inside the Gaza Strip.
The enforcement of this zone contributes to worsening an already deteriorated human rights situation in the Gaza Stip.
The imposition of this zone also violates international law.

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